Wednesday, 19 May 2010


This was taken when I was 5. I wasn't so cute when I was 10.

I found this whilst fishing around in my old school books. It was an exercise undertaken on the 6th September 1998, where I was required to describe myself. Looking back, it tells me more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

"My name is Sophie Wilkinson, I am 10 years old, I am a girl. and I go to Blackheath High school. My mum is called Mandy Hitchcock, and she used to be called Amanda jane Speigel, she is weird nice and funny. My dad is called Roger Wilkinson, he is very clever and always knows everything about anything. My eldest sister is called Sarah Hitchcock, she is 18, she is tall and skinny. My elder sister is called Laura Hitchcock, she is 14, but all her friends are 16 15 and ver, so she behaves like a 17 19 year old. My best friendsi Friends are my cat, Max (Catsuny Catzunjuma 7 13* 9 Sammy Samantha Hawkins, 10. and basicly everybody!

I am tall medium have got and average height of 144cm (4'9") and a weight of 5 and 33kg (5 1/2 stone) or 66 pounds) I have never had a broken bone. (except from breaking my teeth), and I have never had illnesses except chickenpox, bronchitis and the common cold. I have ginger, shoulder-length hair, brown grey eyes, a forever changing nose, as last year it flicked up like a ski slop, but now it has le elongated, and calmed down a bit at the end of it. my m My mouth is quite small except I can grin halfway fromear to ear. I am quite funny, as I can put my hair up and look like one person, and put my hair down and look like another!

I am a can be very critical sometimes and then I could be fun-loving another time. I sometimes think very hard about why I am here, in this body, with the this these legs, and those eyes, which always leads onto the meaning of life, and what job we are meant to do here on this planet, and where the universe ends. I hink that, past the universe, is reancartion of everybody, and, we would all be free of war, and disease and death, but I have only one querry about this, as if there werent any of the latter, we would be bored out of our skulls. I do not belive in one religion, I belive in several."

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