Thursday, 14 January 2010

Donate to help Haitians.

About 9 months ago, I discovered this video.

It's fucking hilarious. I showed it to all of my friends and it fast became a chantable in-joke. What we failed to realise, however, is that the reason they're all wearing jackets is because they were asked to by their producer, who wanted to smarten up the show. Why did he want the show to smarten up? And why does it looks so cheap in the first place? Have a look at the map. It's Haiti. It's a shithole of a country, where most people live on under $2 a day. I thought I'd show the video so that it's not just another in a series of countries experiencing hardship. Maybe this is a way of stopping this disaster just being another tragedy, accompanied with another photo of a crying, devastated black kid. The country has been positively blighted for hundreds of years, not only by natural disasters, but by horrible social, economic and political situations.

Tens of thousands of people are feared dead, and the shitty infrastructure of the country means that it's doubly hard to get aid to those who so desperately need it. Please donate.

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