Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I predict...

I hate to make predictions, because as soon as expectations are created, people don't work hard to affect necessary change, or to help the expected result glide into place. Simply put, people weren't going to vote for Joe McElderry to win 2009's X Factor because he was odds-on favourite to win. There are some things I am willing to hazard a guess at, either because they are so abundantly inevitable, or because they are so whimsical that I don't care if I look back at this post and see that I'm wrong.

1. David Cameron and the Conservatives, for better or worse, will be our Government.

2. Shutter Island will freak a lot of people out.

3. Everyone will forget how pesky it is when it snows. Likewise, by December, everyone will forget how pesky it is when humidity disrupts a comfortable night's sleep. And it will rain at Glastonbury.

4. Further unemployment in Britain.

5. People will finally, finally start treating sesame oil as a common household ingredient instead of cooking stir fries with olive oil.

6. Michelle De Swarte will gain significance. Peaches Geldof will lose significance.

7. Barack Obama will do something to justify his Nobel Peace Prize.

8. Cheryl Cole's hair will 'grow' back.

9. Legislation, regarding the clearer labelling in adverts of models who have had their images surgically or digitally enhanced, will be taken on board by the better agencies.

10. Channel 4 will do something astounding.

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  1. Ha, Mich is talented. maybe she'll do more work in NY - Hefty Roy