Monday, 21 December 2009

Brittany Murphy 1977-2009

Brittany Murphy died yesterday morning at the tragically young age of 32.

Many news sources have attributed her death to drug use. I would not wish to comment on the possible causes behind Murphy's death, as the coroner has not yet given a report. Perez Hilton has placed a ticker across the top of his gossip blog, reading 'BRITTANY MURPHY DIES! DID DRUGS LEAD TO HER DEMISE????' You would think that Hilton, who so recently called for Jan Moir's resignation after her awful commentary on Stephen Gately's untimely passing, would be a bit more sensitive and appropriate. The Guardian have run a piece on Brittany Murphy and referred to her many film roles as disturbed young women as mirroring her own 'troubled life', indicating her personal life to be full of struggle, instead of commending her talents. The press reaction to the discovery of events surrounding Murphy's last few days, weeks, years, perhaps, will be very interesting. As a talented young actor, who took herself away from the paparazzi-teasing lifestyle she could have easily resided within, will she be afforded much privacy or respect, like Heath Ledger was? Or, as a woman, will her body be commoditised, every detail of her passing meticulously pored over and publicised? 2009 has not been a pleasant year for many, and the coverage of celebrity deaths has been revolutionised since the media frenzy of Jade Goody's passing.

I have always respected Brittany Murphy's work, her giggle was infectious and so charming, and her beauty was true, but different. Her roles were of utmost importance to so many girls who found themselves looking to relate to someone with some substance, someone who is kooky, but not ethereal. Someone funny, but still sexy. Unfortunately, YouTube is all too clogged up with people of no importance babbling on about Brittany's passing. Hm. So here I've collated the clips I can get of Brittany's best works. Some news sites are showing clips of her work, but the following are my favourite performances of hers. Some clips may seem distasteful, considering the rumours surrounding her passing, but this shows how true an actress she was, how she had the passion and the soul of someone pursuing a career as an artist as opposed to seeking fame for fame's sake. May it be appreciated that she committed so many great performances to celluloid.

Clueless, 1997.

Girl Interrupted, 1999.
(brilliant film all the way through, but get to 5.47 on here)

Drop Dead Gorgeous, 1999.

Riding in Cars with Boys, 2001.

Sin City, 2005.

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