Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sorbet Grapes

My friend Dolly introduced me to sorbet grapes. She likes to snack on frozen grapes as inside the skin, they have a wonderful texture. If you suck them for a while, they become softer at the edges, but crunchy, hard and icy in the middle. Today I tried to incorporate them into a dessert and a drink. In the case of sorbet grapes, reds are preferable to greens, not just due to taste, but the way the cold shows opaquely on their skins is refreshing in itself. The two 'recipes' I concocted today are so simple but ridiculously tasty.

Sorbet grapes with ice-cream

Get two scoops of icecream, cover with a couple of tablespoons of dessicated coconut and a couple of teaspoons of muscovado sugar. Dot a few frozen grapes around. Eat.

Sorbet grapes with elderflower juice

Pour some elderflower cordial into a glass. Add a slice of roughly-cut lime. Pour in water. Use frozen grapes as icecubes. Drink.

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