Monday, 29 June 2009


Florence and the Machine are just brills, hopefully seeing them at some festival this year somewhere:

Major Lazer was introduced to me by my friend Dom. I'd got us tickets to see Diplo and Switch at Notting Hill Carnival, where they would've premiered this shit, but Dom and I were both too hungover to go. We're idiots for that, but we're enjoying this stuff like heck and it was nice to hear it played just the right amount at Beach Break. Beach Break almost rinsed me of my appreciation of La Roux.

I've actually seen Yeah Yeah Yeahs and they are fantastic. I'm pleased to see the way they're going. It's a bit electroclashy.

Lysa Lynn's stuff is gayer than a row of freshly lubed and torn, rainbow tattooed anuses, but I like it. Perhaps for that very reason.

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