Thursday, 3 December 2009


When I'm feeling a little wayward, I turn to a higher being. Like astrology. I definitely believe that your star sign affects your behaviour, but I cannot prove this in any way, shape or form. When people question my (often hidden) appreciation for astrology, I mumble something along the lines of 'Well, planets have magnetic pulls on other planets and that must affect the neurons in your brain as you are gestating...' It's all codswallop, though. I know this. More often than not, a horoscope's content is structured like spaghetti. With an egg in, to bind it. And some glue. And stickers. You either must work hard to entangle its meanings, or condemn yourself to forgetting what Justin Toper has to say about you and the millions of other people who share the arbitrary 29 day window you were born within. Maybe horoscopes are made to be so confusing that you must subconsciously project your own anxieties onto the words you are not understanding. So that instead of reading generalised waffle, you end up personalising your horoscope. Your interpretation is key to how you're going to behave today. We must waste a lot of time and money on the presumed necessity of an authoritarian figure telling us what to do. Especially when this figure isn't even doing the work, instead serving as a mirror by which we may vicariously instruct ourselves. Maybe horoscopes are made to be so confusing that the reader ends up feeling guilty and woeful after wasting time and money reading the indecipherable blurb, and thus begins a cycle of self-loathing that can only help to stimulate more money into the pockets of THE MAN.

Due to working on minimum wage, the cold weather and a lack of true independence, I'm feeling a bit wayward, so I've turned to Jung. I don't know much of what he's said and done, by any means, apart from have some involvement in the Myers-Briggs typology charts. Now that I understand I am definitely an ENTP (Extrovert, iNtuitive, Thinking Perciever), I have a better idea of who I am and how I best work. I was going to sit down to a psychometric test, but I think this gives me a better idea of what to do in the future. If you're feeling a bit lost, wayward, in need of some definition, or just incredibly bored, have a google of 'Myers-Briggs' and see what you are.

Interestingly enough, ENTPs make for great psychologists.

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