Monday, 27 July 2009


Instead of doing the whole normal graduation malarkey, I headed to Melt festival, leaving my return tickets in the hands of someone who turns out to be a compulsive liar. Who promises free plane tickets to people she barely knows?! The luck of the draw had it that I ended up returning from Melt to Manchester via Liverpool, then the next day I went down to Exeter via London. Two days later I found myself in Guildford, about to go to Dorset for Camp Bestival, the most hectic kids' event I've ever attended.

This could explain a hiatus in blogging.

Here are the bands I've seen, with a rating, and one anecdote attached to what happened whilst watching. Just keeping it nice and simple.

Phoenix ***** During Phoenix at Melt I tried to have a snooze on my knees. At Camp Bestival I jumped around and realised I recognised all of their songs. And the band has a million members.

Erol Alkan **** Better at Melt than at Camp Bestival due to seeming sound restrictions. He's also adored by many youths who keep on asking to drink your booze. As if 'just a sip' will get them laid.

Boys Noize ***** Superb, although, at Camp Bestival, was replaced halfway through by a large crowd of youths, including one girl who kept on staring me and the guyrls out as we flicked them the v-fingers..if anyone can tell me who the fuck they were I'd appreciate it.
(all at Camp Bestival and Melt)

Aphex Twin **** lots of flashy lights and bassline

Royksopp ***** Catchy songs, I spent a lot of this time swirling around in the crowd.

Fever Ray **** The light show was magnificent, the songs a bit Bjorky

Digitalism *** Missed them a bit, but sounded wicked.

Klaxons ** Missed them a bit, sounded fat.

Rex the Dog **** Amaaaazing sounds.

Diplo ***** Horrendously good, the best booty girl visuals I have ever seen. Sound quality was perfect.

Drop the Lime *** yeaaha. Can't remember.

La Roux ***** Her voice has improved and she dances around splendidly.

Oasis ** they could've made use of the epic arena a bit more, but apparently they don't want to be Simple Minds. Why the fuck not?!

Passion Pit **** yeaaaah

Boy 8-Bit **** so beardy

Simian Mobile Disco *** wonderful if i hadn't had needed to sleep on my friend Dom's shoulder during the set, only for all the Indian girls from Britain at Melt to have a go at him for humping them. By accident.

PJ Harvey ***** Beautiful. This is Love would've been amazing, but as far as solo sets go, brilliant.

Bon Iver *** really good but kind of depress sometimes.

Florence and the Machine ***** brrrrirrirlrrlrriant

Laura Marling *** lovely, but snorey.

Annie Mac ** yeaaaah. boresey, until we left the tent and from a great distance heard Caspa's remix of Deadmau5 I Remember. Urghg. I prefer her on Twitter. how weird.

Imelda May *** Didn't see much but looked great.

Skream and Benga - didn't actually see them, met them. They were off their chops and had clearly been fighting.

Mumford and Sons **** shoegazey and epic.

Chase and Status ** kept on being distracted from the pounding drum n bass by 15 year olds wanting me to pick their braces.

Golden Silvers **** very good, like a psychedelic Strokes.

I like music.

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