Sunday, 17 May 2009

Today's thoughts on Michael Jackson

My favourite Michael Jackson song at the moment is Dirty Diana. I'd forgotten it for ages until I heard this remix. My favourite album, as advised by Trevor Nelson, is Off The Wall, when wack was still black.

Paul Morley wrote a great article on Jacko in the Observer Music Monthly, and it suddenly dawned on me how gullible I was all those years ago that Martin Bashir interviewed Michael Jackson. I honestly thought that the superstar had naturally turned white and had only had necessary emergency surgery on his nose after his jerry curl caught fire. Now, I finally believe that he's suffered with child stardom from age 6, with an abusive and over-ambitious father shoving him into the limelight to reassure himself of his own abilities. I came to the conclusion that Jacko wanted look like Audrey Hepburn when he underwent all this much-denied surgery:

One of my many other realisations today (I've been reading a lot of commentary on current affairs this weekend, more so than usual) is:
You know when your parents tell you something when you're young and you believe it to be true but it's not something relevant to crop up again in your consciousness until you're way too old to believe it and, better still, old enough to refute it laughably? Well up until today I was somehow convinced that on every single caterpillar 'c-a-t-e-r-p-i-l-l-a-r' was spelt out on each segment of the caterpillar's thorax.

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