Sunday, 26 April 2009

Frankie Knuckles and Esser Chuckles

Frankie Knuckles has helped me over the past couple of days to get some work done.

I also impromptu left the library to get to the Cavern to see ESSER.

I had a chat with him afters. Being a bit obnoxious my friend had called him Rufio and then I'd stolen his roadie's jumper. Here's my exclusive post-Cavern interview with the band.

Esser's band: Oh god, we thought you were Adam

Me: No, it's me.

(Adam shows up)

Adam: Watch out for the rich tea biscuits

Me, answering the rich tea biscuits: Hello? Oh, oh it's for you. (passes biscuits to Adam)

Adam: Oh hello?

Me: So guys are you all absolutely fucked? You look fucked when you perform, which is nice.

Esser: Yeah, we're fucking wasted.

(Soundguy starts to take photos of me on his blackberry)

Esser: Do you have a spare cigarette?

Me: You can have THIS one, Rufio.

Esser: Me? Really? Thankyou so much. Why did you call me Rufio?

Me: I just do not know. Are you on twitter?

Esser: Oh yes.

Me: I'll twat you.

Bandmates: We've got to go now, are you coming or going?

Me: Oh goodbye.

The music is a bit like Lily Allen for boys. I liked it.

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