Tuesday, 24 March 2009

sharing is caring

I've been sharing some italo disco with a friend.

He confirmed to me how utterly amazing Italo Disco is. He's my music soulmate right now.

He works for a merch company and turned me onto one of the clients:


A bit of research shows that these guys are relatively old hat. Using myspace and the connections that come of forming in New Cross, this pop-synth trio have already been given the go ahead by Steve Lamacq a few months ago. There must be a reason why his ratty face is in their top 20 friends. The sound they're creating is remarkably similar to La Roux's stuff, in that it's light and reggae-tinged and led with a falsetto lady, but that's brilliant.

Toro is my favourite track at the moment, almost better for its terrible production. Each instrument jumps in one by one, until a nice syncopated poppy verse is built up. If the bridge is a bit too gay and synthy, the chorus kicks in sourly enough to make the song quite bitter and therefore cool. Bitter=aloof=cool. It works like that, really. I'm looking forward to some remixes and the feasibility of seeing these guys play at The Social next Monday.


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